Police Interceptors | TT Blues
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TT Blues

TT Blues

With over 40,000 motorcycle enthusiasts descending upon the island for the world famous Isle of Man TT Races, safety becomes paramount as residents and cops work together to prepare the island for the TT fortnight.

The neighbourhood police squad is temporarily reinforced by German officers and the programmes capture how the police come together to tackle a cocktail of crashes and high speed chases, party crowds, drugs and all the excesses of the event whilst at the same time ensuring the races kick off on time.

We see Mad Sunday mayhem leaving the road traffic cops stretched to the limit, hear a crash survivor open up about his dice with death and learn how heavy fog threatens the last race.

With the competitors reaching speeds of 150mph we watch the police curtail the adrenaline of the excited crowd as they seek to keep the drama on the track.




60 Minutes