Police Interceptors | Series 15 & 16 – West Yorkshire
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Series 15 & 16 – West Yorkshire

PC 513 Claire Gray

Unit: RPU
Nickname: Clurr
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 05/07
Force qualifications: Advanced driver, Taser Officer
Favourite Action Film: Fast and Furious

PC 6346 Michael Wroe

Unit: Road Traffic
Nickname: Mike
Date when joined force?: Dec 2004 Joined the Road Policing Team September 2009
Force qualifications: Advanced, TPAC, Police Motorcyclist
Favourite Action Film: Terminator 2

PC 4774 Steve Oliver

Unit: RPU
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 10/00
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver, TPAC trained, Family Liaison Officer, Road Death Investigator
Favourite TV show: The Walking Dead

PC2922 Nick Priestley

Unit: RPU
Nickname: ``Barney”
Date when joined force?: Dec 1996
Force qualifications: Advanced / TPAC / Welding
Favorite sporting team: Bradford City

PC 3122 Stephen Wright

Unit: Western Area Roads Policing Unit
Nickname: Bobo
Date when joined force: June 2003
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver with TPAC, PSU and LSO.
Favourite Action Film: The Bourne Films

PS 4976 Sophie Hawkswell

Unit: RPU
Nickname? BigDog
Date when joined force?: 14.01.2008
Force qualifications: Response, IPP, PSU2.
Favourite Comedy Film: Deadpool

PC 2561 Chris Spencer

Unit : RPU
Nickname: Spenner
Date when joined force?: May 2003
Force qualification: Advanced driver, TPAC, off road
Favourite Comedy Film: Anchorman

PC 1457 Andrew Howarth

Unit: Traffic Team 5
Nickname: Faffa
Date when joined force? :11/12/1995
Force qualifications: Advanced TPAC driver, advanced VIPEX motorcyclist
Favourite TV show: Top Gear

PC 3875 Benjamin Barraclough

Unit: Roads Policing Unit
Nickname: Baby Ben
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 10/07
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver – Public Order - Taser
Favorite sporting team: Bradford City FC

PC1965 Ben Pearson

Unit: RPU Traffic Officer
Nickname: Benny Boy
Date when joined force?: Oct 2001
Force qualifications: Advanced driver, Tpac, Traffic Law, Advanced Motorcyclist, Vipex Rider, 4X4 Driver.
What’s your favourite Takeaway?: Chinese

PC 3092 Steve Huntington

Nickname: SANTOS
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 01/97
Force qualifications: ``FIREARMS OFFICER (PREVIOUSLY)
Favourite TV show?: Love Island

PS 505 Chris Brumfitt

Unit: Team 5 OSU
Nickname: Brummers
Date when joined force?: Sept 2008
Force qualifications: Taser / Public Order Commander / Public Order Tac Advisor
Favourite TV show: The Walking Dead

PC 571 Richard Whiteley

Unit: SRANS Carr Gate
Nickname: Jaffa
Date when joined force: June 2002
Force qualifications: Advanced driver TPAC MOE
Favourite Action Film: Terminator

MACY (Steve Huntington’s dog)

Breed: Mallinois
Date of Birth: April 2016
Unit: Dog Unit
Date when joined force? : Started training May 2017. Started working August 2017
Likes: Being at work, Catching criminals, an occasional tin of tuna with her tea
Dislikes: Not being at work, Burglars

PC 4124 Robert Hoyle

Unit: RPU
Nickname: Smug Bob
Date when joined force?: 11.7.1994
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver, TPAC
Favourite Comedian: Micky Flanagan

PC 4050 Carl Farley

Unit: Roads Policing Unit
Nickname: Charlie
Date when joined force?: 15/09/1997
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver / TPAC / Family Liaison Officer / Road Death Senior Investigating Officer.
Favourite Action Film:

PC2560 Kev Shaw

Unit: RPU
Nickname: Shawsi
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 05/03
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver, TPAC, Advanced Motorcycle
Favourite Band/Artist: Foo Fighters

PC 1666 Martin Willis

Unit: RPU
Date when joined force?: 08/2001
Force qualifications: ADVANCED DRIVER, TPAC, FLO
Favourite Crime Drama TV show: SILENT WITNESS

PC Tony Rouse

Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 05/04
Force qualifications e.g Advanced Driver,
Favourite Crime Drama TV show? LIFE ON MARS

PC 2394 PC Matt Ransom

Unit: RPU
Nickname: Kidnap
Date when joined force: 29/04/2009
Force qualifications: Standard driver, Initial phase pursuit, Taser, Drug wipe, field impairment tester, MOE (method of entry)
Favourite Action Film: Die hard

PC 700 Richard Clarke

Unit: RPU
Nickname: CLARKEY
Date when joined force: JULY 02
Force qualifications: ADV, MOE, 4X4 TPAC, PSU, FLO
Favorite sporting team?: JAWS

PC Tom Phillips 657

Unit: RPU
Nickname: Shandy
Date when joined force: 04/09 – Met Police. 04/15 - WYP
Force qualifications: Advanced driver, Tac Med, Taser, PSU1
Favourite TV show: Brooklyn Nine Nine
Favorite sporting team: Leicester Tigers

PC 3504 Duncan Matthews

Unit: Dog Section
Nickname: Dunc
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 05/00
Force qualifications: Advanced driver, Public Order, Method of Entry, Surveillance, Dog Legislation Officer
Favourite TV show: Breaking Bad

PS 2286 Steven Suggitt

Unit: RPU
Nickname: Suggs
Date when joined force? (mm/yy): 01/00
Force qualifications: Advanced driver, TPAC, TPAC TAC Advisor, Road Death SIO
What’s your favourite Takeaway?: Chinese
Favourite Comedy Film: Hangover

PC2494 Dan Robson

Unit: Safer Roads
Date when joined force?: November 2003
Force qualifications: Advanced Driver with TPAC
Favourite sporting team: Bradford City

PC 3651 Thomas Powell

Unit: RPU
Nickname? Tim
Date when joined force?: 09/07
Force qualifications: Advanced driver, Taser, IPP, Public Order Level 1,2+3
Favourite Action Film: Saving Private Ryan