Police Interceptors | Cars and Kit
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Cars and Kit

Motors & Choppers – The Real Stars of the Show

BMW X5 3.0 D 5s Auto

Engine: 6 Cylinder 24 Valve 2993cc
Torque/BHP: 520 Nm 383 lb-ft 254BHP
Performance: 7.8sec 0-60mph, max speed 130MPH
Information: You might be more used to seeing these behemoth Beemers taking the strain on the school run. But there’s a whole lot more to this rugged off-roader than just being a pimped up pushchair! It’s beefy engine, elevated position and ‘go anywhere’ four by four transmission make them formidable Interceptor pursuit cars, ready to take the chase on or off road. No wonder it’s normally the sergeants who reach for keys of this formidable cruiser.

BMW 530D Touring 3.0 Auto

Engine: 6 Cylinder 24 Valve 2993cc
Torque/BHP: 540 Nm 398 lb-ft 254 BHP
Performance: 5.7sec 0-60mph, 155MPH
Information: The 530 might be the workhorse of the fleet, but beneath those utilitarian estate car lines, you’ll find the heart and soul of a thoroughbred racer. Breathtaking acceleration and an eye watering top speed all wrapped up in car that’ll take a chest of drawers in the back! Word of warning to Lincolnshire’s criminals, If you see one of these in your mirror and you think you can out run it, think again.

Audi S3 2.0 Petrol

Engine: 4 Cylinder 16 Valve 1984cc
Torque/BHP: 350 Nm 258 lb-ft 265 BHP
Performance: 5.4sec 0-60mph, max speed 155MPH
Information: The Audi S3 is the Interceptors stealth car. Give it a quick glance, and it looks like any normal Audi A3… but give it a quick burst of welly, and it’ll catapult you into next week!

Skoda vRS 2.0 Petrol

Engine: 4 Cylinder 16 Valve 1984cc
Torque / BHP: 280 Nm 207 lb-ft - 197BHP
Performance: 7.1sec 0-60mph, max speed 149MPH
Information: It’s still hard to mention Skoda without sniggering about unreliable rust-buckets, but the Interceptors Octavia vRS can bring a smile to your face for a totally different reason… it’s awesome! Truth be told, underneath that sensible looking body, you’ll find the guts and bolts from the nimble Golf GTi, which makes navigating the twists and turns of Lincolnshire B-Roads an absolute blast!

Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI 105bhp

Engine: 4 Cylinder 8 Valve 1896cc
Torque/BHP: 250 Nm 184 lb-ft 105 BHP
Performance: 11.5sec 0-60mph, max speed 119MPH
Information: This Burgundy beauty might be slowest car on the Interceptors fleet, but its stealthy ‘family runaround’ looks are perfect for catching criminals unawares.

Focus Dog Van 1.8TDI 115bhp

Engine: 1753cc
BHP: 113 BHP
Performance: 10.6sec 0-60mph, max speed 119MPH
Information: The Ford Focus is…. well, it’s a Ford Focus… It’s probably quite economical...

Mitsubishi Evo IX FQ360

Engine: 1997cc 16v four
Transmission: Six speed manual, all wheel drive
Performance: 3.9sec 0-62mph, 21.6mpg
Information:Yet another FQ car from Mitsubishi - aren't these faux-rally cars a bit out of favour at the moment? True, but after ten minutes behind the wheel of the UK-only FQ360, you’ll wonder why. It's an absolute belter. Utterly driver-centric, unfeasibly fast, with incredible body control, excellent damping, and superb steering. To cap it all, it has four-doors-and-a-boot practicality. It may not be the flavour of the day, but there's no denying the Evo's supercar-slaying qualifications.

Subaru Impreza GB270

Engine: Flat-4-cyl, 2457cc turbo
Max power: 266bhp@ 5700rpm
Performance: 5.2 sec 0-60mph, max speed 143mph
Information: The lesser Impreza has always been a bit of a sleeper, its five-speed gearbox and symmetrical four-wheel-drive seeming slightly old-fashioned next to the STI, but the truth is that the WRX is damn near as quick down a B-road and a bit less frantic in the process. The GB270 turns the STI-baiting capacity of the WRX up to maximum.

BMW 3 series Touring M Sport

0-60mph: 6.2 secs
Top Speed: 155mph
Av mpg: 47.9
Information: This six-cylinder diesel engine is an absolute peach, while M Sport cars have a bodykit, larger alloys, lowered suspension, sports front seats and aluminium trim.


0-60mphL 6.4 secs
Top Speed: 155mph
Av mpg: 41.5
Information: An amazing blend of performance and economy. The Quattro four-wheel drive gives extra traction over the two-wheel drive mode

EC135 T2 helicopter

They operate an EC135 T2 helicopter. It has two Turbomeca Arrius engines and cruises at 120 kts. It was purchased new for £3.4m in April 2004 to replace the AS355 twin squirrel helicopter, which had been operated since the unit commenced operations in April 1998.

The helicopter has a pilot and two police air observers. One observer operates the camera systems and the other is the tactical commander, responsible for navigation, radio communications and tactics.

Ultraforce 2 plus TV Camera Thermal Imager

A 54 x-magnification colour TV camera and thermal image (Thermal image camera) camera coupled to a digital video recorder. The Thermal image camera camera distinguishes a scene based on different heat signatures. In general, living creatures (including people) are warmer than their surroundings and so are identifiable to the Thermal image camera. The Thermal Image Camera normally now can differentiate between police officers wearing uniform and members of the public/offenders, but sometimes is 'fooled' by other heat sources, most notably water or compost heaps.

Spectrolab Nightsun II

A 3D-million candle power searchlight with variable beam. Used as a search tool in conjunction with the thermal imager. When conducting a search like this the searchlight is often used in a diversionary role lighting the area not covered by the thermal imager. This can also be ``slaved`` to the TV/TI camera.

Sky Shout
A 700 watt public address system incorporating a siren

Microwave Downlink

A microwave downlink enabling TV pictures to be transmitted to both Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire force operations room and to a number of briefcase receivers these can be fitted into police vehicles as well'. This can be especially useful in pre planned operations allowing scene commanders to see what is actually happening.