Police Interceptors | Crime Scene Forensics
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Crime Scene Forensics

Crime Scene Forensics

Crime Scene Forensics gives a rare insight into how the experts use the very latest in forensic science techniques to bring some of the most dangerous criminals to justice, following the work of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Scientific Services Unit.

The Scene of Crime Officers use their expertise to gather the clues at the scene of a crime and piece together the puzzle of what happened, using state-of-the-art methods at the forefront of criminal investigation in the UK.

The SOCOs are called to an intimidation shotgun shooting on the streets of Luton and, using complicated fingerprint and ballistics analysis, they unearth vital evidence that helps get the suspects behind bars. On the other side of town, the hard work of the Scenes of Crime Unit pays off when the painstaking examination of the scene of a brutal assault allows the team to paint a picture of how this gruesome attack unfolded and leads to the arrest of a gang of attackers.




40 Minutes


1 Episode