Police Interceptors | Series 15 – West Yorkshire
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Series 15 – West Yorkshire

Police Interceptors is back, with no holds barred access to the elite crime fighting teams of one of the highest crime areas of the UK: West Yorkshire.
With this proud region seeing criminal activity spiralling, the interceptors use every tool in their arsenal: from the latest in Taser technology, high end pursuit cars, dedicated police dogs, to specialist firearms units; these highly trained officers will stop at nothing to deliver justice to the county’s lawbreakers.

Featuring some of the most dangerous, high octane, and shocking footage ever captured on camera, Police Interceptors shows what it takes to bring order to chaos.

Episode 1

Episode 1

In tonight’s episode, interceptors Jo Lund and Mike Wroe track down a VW Golf, which was involved in a robbery, to a petrol station. As they try to stop the driver the fleeing car slams into Jo and then smashes through the petrol pumps in a desperate bid to escape.

Interceptor Steve Oliver deals with an early morning RTC where a car has driven over a roundabout and smashed through a fence into a park. He then tracks down the suspected driver who kicks off and tries to bite officers.

Plus there’s a dangerous pursuit through Bradford’s morning rush hour, a suspect who’s believed to have swallowed drugs, a disqualified driver continually lies to the cops in an attempt to convince them she’s someone else, and a late night delivery driver with an extremely knackered motor.

Episode 2

Episode 2

In tonight’s show the interceptors are in pursuit of a suspected burglar, which leads to Andy Howarth ramming the runaway car. Still managing to escape, the drivers are later chased down on foot and brought to justice courtesy of the threat of 50 thousand volts.

Steve Oliver pulls over a drink driver who resists arrest and is PAVA sprayed.

Chris Bastow comes across a mangled motor described as a ’death trap on wheels’. The driver assures the interceptors that he won’t drive in it again, but will the temptation prove too much?

Rookie recruit Dan Ledgeway has a tricky encounter with a driver refusing to give a breath test and Interceptor Chris ‘Spenner’ Spencer is involved in a pursuit by car, and then on two wheels as he commandeers a bicycle. Later he comes under attack with eggs and stones.

Plus a fresh faced uninsured driver tries to pass himself off as his 52 year old Dad.

Episode 3

Episode 3

In tonight’s episode, Chris Spencer and the team are in a high speed pursuit of a Golf GTI that’s racing through the streets at three times the legal limit. The pursuit comes to an abrupt end when the reckless driver makes a disastrous manoeuvre.

Reports of gun shots at a house party on a residential street leads to a full scale firearms operation. With live ammunition aimed at the house, dog handler Steve Huntington and Belgian Shepherd, Macy, are ready for runners.

Plus, Ben Barraclough switches from four wheels to two legs, and chases a wanted driver through the back streets of Keighley, Steve Oliver gets heckled by an angry driver, and during a routine stop, Chris Pursey is having a chat with a driver when his brother tries to spring him from the back of the cop car.