Police Interceptors | Series 19 – Nottingham
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Series 19 – Nottingham

Police Interceptors’ is back in Nottingham for an action packed new series. Tackling career criminals and armed gunman, top-tier drug dealers and dangerous drivers, Interceptors put their lives on the line every day. But with their performance cars, crack firearms team and skilled dog unit, the best of Nottingham are up to the challenge. This series features some of the most shocking and dramatic police footage ever filmed, as we ride alongside those remarkable men and women fighting to keep the peace. Set tasers to stun, the Interceptors are back.

Episode 01


The firearms team mobilises to tackle a suspect armed with a pistol. Hours into a nerve-shredding siege, and with multiple rifles trained on his front door, the man emerges, raises a handgun and fires. As the gunshot rings out, the firearms squad have a split-second to decide whether to return fire.

Meanwhile, interceptors Rob and Dan join the pursuit of a runaway hatchback. It’s a bit of a non- contest against a 300-horsepower patrol car, and the suspect soon decamps and makes a run for it…in a fluorescent jacket! The bright spark isn’t the hardest runaway to rein in and the dog unit waste little time in bringing him to justice.

The knife crime team have their own pursuit to contend with, but it isn’t quite as fast. Dan and Joe are after a lad on a push bike who’s made off through a park. It takes a while, but the suspect cyclist is eventually brought to ground in a graveyard, where heroin is discovered down his trousers.

It’s a simpler stop for Phil and Spencer as they block an uninsured Mercedes in a car park. The occupants are people of interest to South Wales police following reports of shoplifting across the border. They’ll rue the day they ventured on to Nottinghamshire’s patch.

And, finally, it’s a trip to the Twilight Zone for firearms officer Lisa, when she deals with a man who says he lives in his car. Things are about to take a turn for the decidedly weird.

Episode 02


Phil Broughton is hot on the heels of a fail to stop Ford pushing speeds of over a tonne. With the Mondeo man heading towards the city centre, the suspect slams his car into Phil’s BMW, allowing Jon Lee in the rear unit to squeeze past, and force the dangerous driver off the road.

It’s a hectic shift for Lisa and Lewis. First, they tackle a troublesome lad with a potty mouth. Followed by a trip to the canal where a member of the public has heard gunshots. It’s a full firearms response, complete with drone and helicopter support, but turns out to be a bloke ‘innocently’ shooting at targets with his air rifle.

Meanwhile a charming lady at a petrol station not only give the Interceptors’ camera man a wallop, but she also assaults officer Mark Haywood. Her partner is also over the drink driving limit. In Nottingham, Gav Hall’s eagle eyes pick out a lad pocketing a spliff. Then on a search, the lad’s mate is found with a big bag of weed in his pants.

Finally, Lisa and Paul seize an uninsured bloke’s Saab. While the driver is faced with a 5 hour walk home, Lisa draws the short straw and has to drive his bizarre car back to the station.

Episode 03


Interceptors assemble in pursuit of a beamer with no insurance, no tax and a suspected banned driver behind the wheel. As soon as the driver clocks the cops he takes off and gives one unit the slip. Seconds behind are Bruce and Lisa, who discover the car decamped and dumped in the middle of a roundabout. But all is not lost, as Bruce is like a suspect seeking missile.

Following the recent hack of a top-secret, international communications network, often used to organise serious crime, Sergeant Brian Blackmore and his team execute a dawn raid on a man who intel suggests is concerned in the supply of Class A drugs. There’s a big find in a cupboard and an extra surprise in the loft.

Meanwhile, a high-risk rescue is on the cards for Chris and Lee when they spot a broken-down car in the fast lane on the M1. A terrified driver is trapped inside the car with her baby as traffic flies past at over seventy miles an hour. It’s a race against time to reach the mother and baby before disaster strikes.

As the clocks go back, Lee and Paul spend their night shift bonus hour dealing with a booze fuelled suspect who dishes out the fighting talk. Also, Rob and Dan have a tricky job ahead when they catch up with an uninsured van, only to discover it’s being driven by the invisible man.

Finally, Phil is faced with a suspected drugged up, disqualified driver.

Episode 04


This episode opens with an adrenalin-fuelled race to the scene of an alleged knife attack, where a suspect has reportedly slashed his girlfriend with a 12-inch blade. Rob and Spence arrive to find the victim is on her way to hospital while the suspect is locked in a property making threats against the cops. Negotiations take a terrible turn when the slurring suspect topples out of an upstairs window, crashing to the patio below. In a split second, an armed incident becomes a medical emergency as the firearms squad battle to save the suspect’s life.

Out on the roads, Lisa and Lewis assist Lenny with the arrest of a tricky trio who are suspected of stealing an old man’s car. They give the cops the run-around until Lenny discovers the passenger is wanted for burglary. While the suspected burglar is carted off to the nick, one of his partners in crime learns how handcuffs and the call of nature really don’t mix.

Meanwhile, Jen and police dog Quantum have their hands full with angry locals following reports of a stabbing. Can they overcome local interference and find the evidence needed to make a case?

Finally, John and Craig catch a driver red-handed when he drops a bag of white powder right in front of them, and disaster strikes as Rob and Spencer deal with an uninsured driver.

Episode 05

This all action episode kicks off with Gav Hall and Dan Mottishaw in hot pursuit of a suspected drug dealer, but the two wheeled tearaway runs out of road, flips his bike over and crashes into a hedge. The rider takes off on two legs and goes to ground in gardens. It takes the threat of fifty thousand volts before the lad gives himself up and found nearby is a rucksack full of weed.

Meanwhile, a man wanted for ABH gives Interceptors Lewis Marshall and Darren Chalk the run around all day. But, one thing he can’t avoid is the call of nature, and he gets caught short hiding in a bathroom.

Rob Eley and Spencer Pugh are after a Merc that’s failing to stop. The driver knows the area well and squeezes down a 6 foot wide footpath, but is it too tight for the X5? And Jim Campin and Dan Machin‘s medic skills are put to the test as they respond to the aftermath of an alleged street fight involving weapons, the suspect’s wound is deep enough to see the elbow bone.

Plus, Jen Ellse pulls over a suspected uninsured driver who struggles to explain the fake plates in his boot, and Rob and Dan are back out on patrol, this time dealing with a bloke with no insurance, who turns out to have 41 points on two licences.

Episode 06


This episode hits the ground running when the interceptors pull over a driver, who casually steps out of the car, before taking off like a shot and hurdling a six foot fence. It’s a staggered start but soon becomes a one-horse race, with Rob hot on the runaway’s heels. Catching up with the sprinter, it seems the suspect’s legs don’t run half as fast as his motor mouth.

It’s a nerve shredding shift for the firearms team, when they’re deployed to the address of a man allegedly armed with a gun, who’s reportedly threatening to harm himself or provoke a police shooting. Time is of the essence to keep the suspect safe and find the gun.

In Mansfield, Spencer and Rob tackle a bloke in the street, who’s suspected of carrying a knife and making threats to stab his own mother. Meanwhile, the Knife Crime Team search a cyclist they suspect is peddling drugs and find a surprise package in his pants.

Finally, Phil boxes in a stolen hot hatch, whilst Jim and Rob deal with a speedy Sorento driver who struggles to remember his name, so what is he trying to hide?

Episode 07


This episode is dominated by the hunt for one of the interceptors’ most wanted, a man with a history of violence and intimidation. He’s given them the slip before, but when reports come in of him attacking a car with a sledgehammer and then terrorising a local pub, the net tightens on this public menace. As Rob and Sgt Ian race to the pub, their target makes a break for it over the back fence. Will this be the day the interceptors get their man at last?

Motorcyclists make their mark on the Nottinghamshire patch, wreaking havoc on the roads. As gangs of bikers break into smaller groups, Interceptor Paul Charlesworth makes a stand with the stinger. Meanwhile, in a race between the X5 and a moped held together with tape and rope there’s only going to be one winner; at the finish line, two bikers in balaclavas are brought down with some tactical contact.

Plus, Phil leaps over the language barrier to arrest four Albanians who appear to be in the country illegally, while the entry team smash their way into a flat containing class B drugs

Finally, it’s a case of softly, softly catchy junkie, as Gav and Dan sneak up on a drug deal taking place in broad daylight. A suspected dealer is nicked with the cash still in his hands and heroin still in his pockets.

Episode 08


This action-packed episode starts with a bang as the interceptors come knocking for a suspected drugs dealer who’s been on the run for two years. On arrival, the bloke is thought to be flushing drugs down the toilet. However, the front door won’t budge, forcing the cops to smash through a window. A search reveals suspected drugs and a knife, but the biggest shock of all is what’s in the wash basket, and it’s not just dirty laundry.

Meanwhile a 45 mile cross border pursuit of a black Lexus is brought to a stop by Darren ‘Chalkie’ Chalk and Sergeant ‘Lenny’ Bennett, with a little help from the stinger. The boisterous passengers give the team a right earful and even compare the Sergeant to soap star Phil Mitchell. In Nottingham, the Knife Crime Team arrest a suspected drugs dealer, caught red handed with what appears to be cocaine and heroin in his pants. Over in Kirkby, Phil Broughton’s copper nose about a driver prove spot on when he eventually tests over the limit for cannabis.

And finally, a bloke driving around with a dodgy number plate is brought bang to rights by Lisa Desantis and Bruce Arnold.

Episode 09


This episode opens with a manhunt for a dangerous suspect who has form for assaulting police. As dog handler Jen and crime-fighting canine Quantum search in the dark, danger could lurk around any corner.

A crackdown on cannabis cultivation leads to a monster find: half-a-million’s worth of class B drugs farmed in a disused warehouse, while a dawn raid turns up yet more greenery growing in a suburban bedroom.

Out on the roads, it’s the attack of the clones, first a van with false plates causes complete carnage, ploughing up the pavement and getting wedged against a house, then a second suspected cloned car is boxed in by Rob and Spencer, who aren’t impressed that there’s a baby on board.

Finally, Phil follows his nose to the driver of a flatbed van who admits he smoked a spliff for breakfast.

Episode 10


This episode takes off like a rocket and doesn’t let up. A dangerous driver who’s breached his restraining order leads the interceptors on the pursuit to end all pursuits: a half hour, white-knuckle ride across Nottinghamshire. Time after time, the suspect avoids the spikes of Bruce Arnold’s stinger until it seems nothing can stop him safely. Enter, stage right, Toombsy, in the performance Skoda. Racing from the pack, he aims the mighty motor at the bad guy and attempts a head-on collision.

On the streets of Radford, the Knife Crime team are out in force. It isn’t long before they stumble across the car of a man well known to the cops. A high-speed chase finishes with a decamp and foot race through a local estate. The suspect drops fifteen feet, injures his shoulder and goes to ground in a local wood. As he’s hunted by the dog, the drone and the cops, the question is, “Why did he run?”

Meanwhile, when Rob Eley and Ian Coleman perform a TPAC on an allegedly stolen car they’re faced with a laid-back driver and a lairy passenger. The latter’s swearing and ranting earn him a mud bath and a night at Bridewell custody.

Also, Lee and Ky have their own character to lock up, when a shoe-less driver blows three times over the limit, and a Nissan with a dodgy taillight proves a whole lot dodgier than that, when it’s stopped with 36 packs of bacon nicked from the local Co-op.

Episode 12


First up in this action-packed episode, after a tram stop robbery in Bulwell, the interceptors are on the hunt for two suspects allegedly armed with a gun. Dan Machin and Jim Campin spot a pair who fit the description, but the suspects vanish over a railway foot bridge, unaware that on the other side of the tracks, firearms cops Lenny and Paul are closing in.

Out on the roads, following reports of a driver failing to stop for the police in Lincolnshire, Bruce Arnold and Chalkie are called in to deliver the stinger. The pair plot up just off a roundabout, but will the driver take the exit with a sting?

Meanwhile, dog handler Coups pulls over an alleged boy racer, however it’s one of the passengers who takes one look at the law, before sprinting off in the opposite direction. A high-risk game of hide and seek ensues, but it’s Police Dog Rambo who reigns supreme.

Finally, Jim and Ben respond to a report of a group of teenagers on the rampage in the market town of Arnold. They join another unit who have stopped a group of young lads matching the description, when one of them makes a run for it, Ben’s still in the X5 and floors it to catch up with the runner, but will they find out what the boy has got to hide?

Episode 13


This episode kicks off with a runaway Peugeot that’s been taken without consent. When a dog handler is taken out of the chase, multiple cops and the police chopper take up the hunt for a driver who flees on foot. A suspect is swiftly nicked with some keys, but will they fit the ditched Peugeot?

The Knife Crime team have their running shoes at the ready as a handcuffed suspect makes a break for it. With his hands behind his back and an estimated few grands worth of suspected coke in his pants, it’s not the greatest escape, and the suspected dealer soon face-plants into the tarmac.

Meanwhile, stakes are high as the interceptors comb the streets for a man who’s threatened to stab his ex and harm her horse. As the suspect menaces his former partner by phone, Dog Handler Mark and Police Dog Morse pounce.

Is it black or is it blue? That’s the question posed to Jim Campin and Ky Kirk as they stop the Mondeo of many colours. It turns out to be both, and a blatant case of false plates from a bare-faced liar. And Jim doesn’t like liars.

Finally, Jen Ellse lets the unmarked Skoda VRS off the leash to catch the driver of a performance BMW, who thinks he’s in a friendly road race but learns he’s about to lose his licence.

Episode 14


This action-packed episode opens with an operation to stop a van, which intel suggests is packed with cocaine. The interceptors assemble to deliver a top drawer TPAC, successfully detaining two suspects and seizing the van. Convinced the motor could have been modified to conceal Class A drugs, the team have got the green light to take it apart, but will the van reveal its hidden booty?

In Sherwood, Justin and Nikki have to deal with carnage on the roads, after a dangerous driver blows a junction and ploughs into not just one, but two innocent motorists. Meanwhile in Radford, the Knife Crime Team stretch their legs, when they spot a lad decamp and dash from a suspected drug dealer’s car.

Behind the wheel of the unmarked Volvo, Dan activates stealth mode as he tracks down a car thief, who’s fresh from the scene of a house burglary and using a stolen Mercedes as a getaway car. Dan tails the burglar until the team are ready to strike with a two-car box. Despite being pinned in an interceptor sandwich, the burglar still tries to break free.

Finally, Jim and Paul face a lengthy battle at the roadside, when they stop a Freelander full of lads from Yorkshire who can’t prove they’ve got insurance.

Episode 15


Mud, mud, glorious mud, there’s nothing quite like it for a massive off-road pursuit across turnip fields. In tonight’s episode, Lisa and Jim find themselves slipping and sliding through the pitch black on the trail of a runaway 4×4. Their suspect seems to know rural Nottinghamshire like the back of his hand and his off roader is slowly slipping from sight.

Back on tarmac, the Knife Crime Team turns a routine stop into a major bust when they join the dots from a few ounces of cannabis in a car, to a garage full of weed estimated to be worth tens of thousands of pounds.

A shoplifter swiftly confesses after being caught red handed on CCTV, but the driver of the car in which he escaped is not so compliant. He foolishly tries to outrun police dog Morse with bloody results.

Meanwhile, Dan and Spence seize a Ford Focus apparently purchased at 1am, and an unlicensed 17-year-old driver. with no licence folds under Rob’s questioning.