Police Interceptors | Series 18 – Nottingham
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Series 18 – West Yorkshire

Police Interceptors’ returns to West Yorkshire for an all-action new series. Tackling career criminals and armed gunman, top-tier drug dealers and dangerous drivers, Interceptors put their lives on the line every day. But with their performance cars, crack firearms team and skilled dog unit, the best of West Yorkshire are up to the challenge. This series features some of the most shocking and dramatic police footage ever filmed, as we ride alongside those remarkable men and women fighting to keep the peace in one of the highest crime regions in the country. Set tasers to stun, the Interceptors are back.

Episode 01


The show explodes into action with the pursuit of a sledgehammer gang who raided a Co-op in Hebden Bridge. Serious resources are thrown at serious criminals, as multiple pursuit drivers, stinger teams, the police helicopter and specialist dog units come together to bring the whole gang to justice, putting four dangerous men behind bars for four years a piece.

In Chapeltown, eagle-eyed Interceptor Tom spots what looks like a drug deal taking place in a stationary car. When the culprit makes a run for it, the interceptor gives chase on foot but is thwarted when his fleeing suspect jumps into a moving car. Attention turns to the vehicle he fled in the first place, which turns out to contain the motherlode of cannabis and nitrous oxide.

Meanwhile, a minor stop for poor driving ends with a tussle in the cells and a repeat offender going to prison; Wayne reaches the end of his tether with a driver who claims to be selling a car at 2:00am, and Nick and Bobo help put Mouth Almighty away for a 12-week stretch.

Episode 02


This action packed show features a terrifying example of the threat posed to innocent motorists from the criminal classes, as a stolen Vauxhall Astra being driven at speed the wrong way up a dual carriage crashes head-on into an oncoming car. Both vehicles are virtually destroyed by the impact; it’s up to the Interceptors to deal with the aftermath and track down the culprit.

Meanwhile, a second member of the public collides with a villain with very different results – knocking seven bells out of the burglar he disturbs in his hallway. Steve Huntington arrives at the scene to get a blow by blow account from the homeowner who delivered a wailing, bloodied man into the hands of the cops.

On the M62, interceptor Adie Fickling helps box in a stolen Mercedes that’s travelled all the way from Cambridgeshire. While in Leeds city centre, Tom and Wayne are on the hunt for masked motorcyclists causing chaos in the early hours.

Throw in a car full of weed and an anti-social driver with a goldfish memory and you’ve all the elements for a classic Police Interceptors.

Episode 03


Interceptor Nick Priestley gets all misty eyed after a high-speed pursuit of an unusual getaway car from a bygone era, a Rover 75.

The Intercept team are on the hunt for a dodgy motor and Stef is forced to stretch his legs when the passenger makes a bolt for freedom. Back at the car they make a deadly discovery, a Rambo style hunting knife and baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Also, Richard ‘Jaffa’ Whiteley shows off some nifty driving skills and with some help from the eye in the sky, track down two runaways from a fail to stop.

Meanwhile Tom Whitehouse and David ‘Robbo’ Robson are on a stake out after they receive a tip off about a repeat drink driver.

Plus, ‘Benny Boy’ Pearson and Matt Ransom are reacquainted with a familiar face who kicks off when put in cuffs.

Episode 04


This high octane episode kick starts with the pursuit of a lights out and dangerous teenage car thief, who’s rallying around the roads of Wakefield at ninety miles an hour.  One step ahead are interceptors Adie Fickling and Sophie Hawkswell, who are lying in wait ready to burst the driver’s bubble, and his tyres, with a stinger.  When the teen ditches the car and scarpers into school playing fields, he soon learns his lesson; there’s no hiding from the interceptors.

Meanwhile In Seacroft, the two Chris’ go into overdrive, when a high performance motor tries to give them the slip, leaving their patrol car smoking, and the Proactive Intercept Team corner a dodgy Audi but they are forced to stretch their legs to collar the driver

Also, an elderly motorist has got the wrong end of the stick about their car insurance and Gav calls for back up after stopping a drugged up driver.

Series 18 – Nottingham

Police Interceptors’ heads to Nottingham for the rest of this action packed series. Tackling career criminals and armed gunman, top-tier drug dealers and dangerous drivers, Interceptors put their lives on the line every day. But with their performance cars, crack firearms team and skilled dog unit, the best of Nottingham are up to the challenge. This series features some of the most shocking and dramatic police footage ever filmed, as we ride alongside those remarkable men and women fighting to keep the peace. Set tasers to stun, the Interceptors are back.

Episode 05

In this action-packed episode, James Carrington and Dan Machin race to assist colleagues who are pursuing a stolen Peugeot. The car is racing along the M1 at 100 mph and showing no signs of stopping – and to make matters worse it’s recklessly weaving across all four lanes of the busy motorway.

Before the Interceptors can bring the runaway car to a stop the driver takes matters into his own hands and crashes into their pursuit car. The lads in the stolen car make off into the undergrowth – but the interceptors are hot on their heels.

Meanwhile, the Tactical Support Group are heading up a dawn raid on a warehouse, targeting a man with known links to organised crime. The building is a rabbit warren of corridors and clutter, but they eventually find him, fast asleep alongside a kilo block of uncut cocaine. Steve King and Ken Tinley of the knife crime team have to take a pair of lads in for a strip search when they decide to hide their stash down their pants, and Interceptors James and Katie have their patience tested by three lads inhaling nitrous oxide from party balloons.

Plus, Andy ‘Clarkie’ Clarke & Phil Broughton are lost for words when a speeding drunk driver spins off the roads and crashes in front of their eyes.

Episode 06


Katie Eustace is in pursuit of an old Golf failing to stop, occupied by a very unusual criminal pairing: a mother and her son. The son ditches the car with mum in the passenger seat but is tracked down and brought to justice by police dog Monty.

The Operation Reacher team execute a dawn raid on a suspected drug dealer. While Dan Machin and James Carrington deal with a repeat drink driver desperate for the toilet.

Meanwhile Steven King and the Knife Crime team apprehend two lads with a history of carrying knives. Later in their shift they stop a suspected drug dealer with a car full of suspected cannabis cookies, a brownie, and THC vapes.

Andy ‘Clarkie’ Clarke and Phil Broughton pull over a van driver on a hunch. The driver confesses to possession of cocaine and being uninsured and his car is seized on suspicion of being stolen.

Episode 07


Following reports a man with a gun outside the police station.  Things take a worrying turn when the suspect moves into a busy children’s playground.  With so many bystanders in such a public place it’s a tactical nightmare, as armed interceptors strike.

Interceptors Jim Carrington and Dan Machin travel on blues and twos to tackle a sledge hammer heist at a convenience store.  The hammer wielding robber ransacked the tills and shattered the stock room door, leaving staff and customers terrified, before fleeing into the night.  In true interceptor style, the culprit is in cuffs but it seems there could be more to his behaviour than meets the eye.

Meanwhile, Katie’s rushed off her feet bagging two shoplifting suspects who’ve allegedly stolen almost a grand’s worth of chocolate, before turning her attention to helping Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs to intercept a big cash parcel coming into the county.

To top it off, there’s tears before bedtime when Sergeant Phil Broughton catches a moped rider using his mobile.

Episode 08


Dan Machin & James Carrington are hot on the tail of a pair of carjackers who have nicked a Volkswagen Golf at knife point.

The Interceptors attempt to stop the car at traffic lights, but the passenger legs it and the driver pushes on. The Golf speeds through the city centre and the pursuit comes to a dramatic climax when the Interceptors put in a forced stop.

James is in the thick of it again when he and Katie Eustace respond to a fellow Interceptors distress call. A man has become violent and is wrestling officers who are attempting to arrest him.

Also, Jen Ellse follows a van after it carried out a dangerous overtake and discovers the driver thinks he has extraordinarily high tolerance for alcohol.

Meanwhile, Clarkey and Phil put in a late-night dash to catch a couple of smash and grab car thieves as they target high value tools from a tradesman’s van.

Plus, the Interceptors join forces with their Derbyshire neighbours to stop a man who has been crossing the county line to commit a string of thefts, but the scene turns to confusion when the suspect and his girlfriend announce that the Police have got the wrong man.

Episode 09


A harrowing 999 call sets interceptors across Nottingham scrambling to a residential address. Three intruders posing as delivery men have tied up an elderly woman and threatened her with a knife. Dog handler Jen Ellse is one of the first on the scene as a manhunt ensues.

Meanwhile, a pursuit is heating up the highways and byways of Mansfield as a runaway Peugeot desperately tries to give the interceptors the slip. After a couple of attempts off-roading, the suspect decamps in a housing estate. Ky, Katie and the team soon catch up with a gobby geezer, but is he the same man who led them on a merry dance around town?

A dopey driver gets caught by interceptor Phil Broughton driving under the influence of cannabis just days after getting his licence back from committing the same offence. And as the Knife Crime Unit patrol a Nottingham inner-city suburb, a shifty character with a bulge in his trousers arouses suspicion. Interceptor Steve King draws the short straw and pops his hands down the man’s trousers. But will it be a lucky dip?

Finally, a lad out for a happy meal gets busted parking up at the golden arches without a licence. It’s an unhappy ending for the hapless chap, but at least interceptor Lewis gets to dish out a few golden nuggets of advice.

Episode 10


After a man is threatened by two people allegedly armed with a machete, the interceptors roll out in force to hunt down the suspects.  Dog handler Jen Ellse spots a pair who fit the bill, but when they decide to leg it, one of the runners soon learns there’s little solace with Police Dog Quantum on the case.  With one suspect still on the loose, the interceptors leave no stone unturned in their mission to find him.

In Nottingham, the Knife Crime Team swoop on a car they believe may be linked to drugs.  The car’s as clean as a whistle, but when the driver tries to make a break for it, the team soon discover he has one or two things to hide.

Meanwhile, Phil and Clarkey lock up a drink driver who downed a bottle of whiskey before taking to the motorway, and it’s the end of the road for a banned driver, when Lisa and Lewis relieve him of his car just hours after he bought it.

To top it off, Lenny’s got his work cut out getting a flock of farmyard fugitives safely behind baa’s – ewe won’t want to miss this action-packed episode with Nottinghamshire’s finest.

Episode 11


In this action-packed episode, Katie Eustace is at the sharp end of an epic pursuit that sees a pair of runaways go to extreme lengths to try and outrun the police. Despite being stung multiple times, the driver pushes his car until the tyres disintegrate, but the chase is far from over and the Police helicopter is called in to hunt down the fugitive.

Meanwhile, the Neighbourhood unit are staging a dawn raid on a suspected drug dealer. Under cover of darkness, the team gain access by sawing through the front door. On first appearance the house appears to be like any other, but further investigation reveals some dark hidden secrets.

Also, Helen and Dave pull over a smooth-talking young man when he tries to undertake their unmarked car. His sneaky manoeuvre has serious repercussions when Helen uncovers a bumper bag of cannabis in the man’s glove box.

James Carrington and Dan Machin find themselves playing a late-night game of ‘hide and seek’ when a driver decides to hold up behind a garden shed.

Plus, Jen Ellse gets a barrow-load of grief when she pulls over a stinking car full of lads who want to give her a half-baked lesson in policing. Exercising extreme levels of patience, Jen calls in back up, and the team deal with some of the lads for possession of cannabis.

Episode 12


A runaway rental car driven by a man with a troubling past, leads cops on a wild and dangerous ride. Interceptor Katie Eustace is racing to the scene, desperate to bring the pursuit to an end. But when she spies her opportunity at a roundabout, it requires all her skills and training to get him off the road.

Meanwhile, a wet and windy night in Notts won’t stop police dog Quantum sniffing out a suspected car thief. The lad’s vanished into some dark woods. Not a problem for Quantum and dog handler Jen, who catch the suspect – quite literally – with his pants down.

And over in Mansfield, Jim nicks a young driver in a flashy motor who’s been boozing a little too much. A brief Q&A later and the penny finally drops – the lad’s a professional footballer, whose night on the town, and subsequent arrest for drink driving, has thrown his career into jeopardy.

Also, the Knife Crime team are out in force, stopping suspected dealers and others known to be associated with organised crime. No weapons for the boys this time, but a haul of herbals and some dodgy drivers taken off the roads is a great result.

Episode 13


When a car is found ditched after a fail to stop in Broxtowe, Dog Handler Jen Ellse and her canine crime fighting partner Quantum are called in to track down the runaways. Within seconds of reaching the scene, the dog detective is on to something, as he follows his nose into nearby gardens, it’s clear there’s little solace for hideaways with Quantum on the case.

Meanwhile, Katie shows off her TPAC talent as the team put the brakes on a suspected drink driver, and Phil and Clarkey are on the tail of a dicey van driver who tries every trick in the book to shake them off, rampaging through traffic and running red lights before taking the pursuit off road.

Finally, a troop of interceptors roll out in a van, to keep an eye on a busy Saturday night in the city centre

Episode 14


In this action-packed episode, Katie Eustace is drawn into a frantic pursuit as a high-powered Seat Leon FR fails to stop for other officers. Interceptors scramble to bring the reckless runaway to a stop, but the drivers lack of skill proves his undoing as he crashes out of control on a country lane. The dog unit leap into action when both driver and passenger attempt to get away on foot. Closer inspection of the crashed Seat reveals the pair were driving with a car full of drugs and a sinister looking gun.

Meanwhile, Sgt Kate Long from the Neighbourhood team is staging a dawn raid, targeting a property known to be used for County Lines Crime. The operation uncovers an underage lad who appears to have been coerced by drug dealers into travelling across county borders to sell drugs.

Also, Phil Broughton picks up a serial-reoffender who stubbornly refuses to stop driving despite being banned. Caught behind the wheel once again, the man, who has just returned from a spell in prison looks destined to be headed straight back.

Plus, Lisa Desantis and Lewis Marshall find themselves following a top of the range Mercedes in the world’s slowest pursuit and Gav and Lee from the Knife Crime Unit stake-out a suspected drugs house and swoop in to make a drugs seizure from an illicit Cocaine and Heroin deal.

Episode 15


An emergency call out for the firearms team several units – led by Sergeant ‘Lenny’ Bennett – are dispatched across the county to investigate reports of two men making threats with a handgun. Lisa and Lewis are first on the scene and find the alleged victim hiding out in a shop. They quickly track down the getaway car which leads them to the alleged suspects. It’s a tense stand-off but with Lewis in total control, the result is never in doubt.

Back on patrol, Lisa and Lewis are tasked with recovering a handgun found abandoned in a gutter, with live rounds in the chamber. But within minutes they’re back behind the wheel and in pursuit of four lads allegedly joyriding in a stolen combo van.

Meanwhile, Ken and Gav from the Knife Crime Team are on the tail of a suspected drug dealer. He’s twitchy and Gav reckons he’s got something to hide. A frantic race to his flat results in a thorough search – during which the lads unearth some items of interest, including a machete and a knuckleduster.

Also, when city centre cops think a knife may have been dumped in the ladies’ loos, Lisa has no choice but to get her hands dirty.

Finally, a shabby looking Zafira believed to be stolen has pinged an ANPR camera on the outskirts of town. Jon and Jules put on the blues in a bid to catch up with the erratic driver and when they pull him over, it’s not just the car that’s worse for wear.

Episode 16


James ‘Lenny’ Bennett and Lewis Marshall charge across the county to stop a car they suspect is on cloned plates.  Reaching a prime position, Lenny and Lewis realise there isn’t time for a stinger, as the runaway driver flies past at nearly three times the speed limit, ploughing into a van and destroying their getaway car.  Four lads starburst from the mashed motor but how far will they get when the interceptors release the hounds…and Lewis.

In Nottingham, there’s a wake-up call for a pair of drug dealing brothers when the interceptors execute a morning raid on a suspected drugs den.  It’s a case of fight or freeze with the suspects, as one brother kicks off and makes a beeline for his first-floor bedroom window, whilst his more sedate sibling gives himself up quietly.  With both lads safely cuffed, the team comb the house looking for weapons, cash and drugs, and the search does not disappoint.

Meanwhile, firearms cop Katie Eustace is keeping busy.  One day she’s hot on the heels of a suspected thief, and another she’s dealing with a van driver on the charm offensive.

Finally, it’s man VS machine, when the interceptors are faced with taking down a not so fast and furious digger thief, who’s making a three mile an hour getaway and refuses to stop.  You won’t want to miss this action-packed episode with Nottinghamshire’s finest.

Episode 17


In this high octane episode, the Roads Policing Team and the Dog Unit join forces to chase down a fleeing Audi. The runaway tries to take on Nottinghamshire’s finest pursuit drivers by racing along the county’s streets, mounting pavements, driving on the wrong side of the road and barrelling through red lights. His attempts to outrun the law come to a catastrophic conclusion when he loses control and wrecks the car. The driver makes off but closely followed by the Notts Dog Unit, how long can he stay on the run?

Meanwhile, following an investigation into a series of armed robberies, the Interceptors are staging a dawn raid on one of the suspects. Following a dramatic forced entry involving the trusty circular saw, the suspect is detained, and a fingertip search is started.

Back out on the road, Katie Eustace’s idea of a quiet shift is well and truly quashed when she gets caught up in a pursuit with a boy-racer spec Vauxhall Corsa. The team put in a forced stop and discover the driver is carrying an illegal weapon. Also, Steve King has a sense of deja-vu when he stops the same guy twice in once one day

Plus, Dog handler James Coupland hits the ‘blues and twos’ when a recently released convict breaks his restraining order. The man has disappeared when James arrives, but thanks to his dog’s tracking skills the suspect is detained and sent straight back to prison.