Police Interceptors Series 8 Lincoln

Police Interceptors is back with a brand new series following Lincolnshire’s legendary law enforcers as they wage war against crime. With performance patrol cars, cutting-edge tech and a highly-trained dog unit, there’s nothing the Interceptors can’t handle when clamping down on crime. This high-octane observational documentary series provides unparalleled access to the officers and cars of this elite crime-fighting team.

Episode 1

This week Interceptor Barry Peach outsmarts a disqualified driver, dog handler Jon Peacock takes his new sniffer dog Jack to carry out a drugs warrant and Carl Warrener makes a jaw dropping discovery when he pulls a car over in the early hours. Plus Brian Conville gets mobbed when he deals with a reckless learner driver.

Episode 2

This week Interceptor Barry Peach hunts a lad wanted for assault, the police are hot on the tail of a suspected drug dealer and a drink driver tries everything to avoid giving a breath sample. Plus Jon Peacock has a late night encounter with two unusual lawbreakers.

Episode 3

This week, a foul mouth pensioner pushes Barry’s patience to the limit, and Sarah Capes gives a bad boy biker an early birthday present. Plus Jim Woolerton’s Audi S3 is outclassed by a car 30 years it’s senior, and Mike Templeman is left open mouthed at a drink driver that’s three times over the limit.

Episode 4

This week Jim Woolerton’s hot on the tail of a speeding motorcyclist, Jon Moon reveals his guilty pleasure when he retrieves a stolen caravan and dog handler Barry Peach is brought to book by a wannabe legal eagle. Plus Sarah Capes deals with the aftermath of a drunken brawl between two brothers.

Episode 5

This week Jim Woolerton intercepts a car containing cannabis, a late night reveller talks himself into trouble and Sergeant Baxter has his work cut out when confronted by a dishonest driver. Plus Lincolnshire’s rookie drivers get a crash course in how to stop skids.

Episode 6

This week, the Interceptors are faced with an uninsured driver who’s known to have a violent past. Jon Peacock & Police Dog Brad are on the hunt for suspected burglars, Sarah Capes gets a whiff of something that’s not legal, and PC Templeman pulls a white van with more faults than centre court. Plus there’s no fooling Dan Brigginshaw after a short search reveals the drivers stash.

Episode 7

This week Dan Brigginshaw is quite literally kept on his toes when a suspect does a runner, a routine vehicle check turns into a drug bust for Suzie Ranyard and Barry Peach has his hands full when a group of Scots clash with bouncers in Skegness. Plus Jim Woolerton and Jason Baxter catch out a rookie rider.

Episode 8

This week the hunt for a suspected burglar takes an unexpected turn, a late night stop check reveals a bag of drugs and Jon Peacock has a tussle with a fallen tree. Plus a PC Barry Peach deal with a case of some hot dogs locked inside a car.

Episode 9

This week, Dan’s in hot pursuit of a two wheeled tearaway, a suspected drunk driver nearly causes a calamity, and Mark Carlin has to turn Colombo at a three car collision. Plus Sarah has a communication meltdown with a Mercedes driver.

Episode 10

This week dog handler Martyn Cragg finds himself in the firing line when he cops a tasty right hook, Dan Brigginshaw’s given the run-around by an uninsured driver and Jon Peacock deals with a shoplifter who’s been caught by members of the public. Plus Mike Templeman meets a pair of late night speeders with a bout of the munchies.