Police Interceptors Series 7 - Lincoln

Police Interceptors is back with a brand new series on Lincolnshire’s law enforcers, the front line elite in the war against crime - armed with performance patrol cars, cutting-edge tech and a highly-trained dog unit. From patrolling the cathedral city of Lincoln, keeping the peace in the stag-do haven of Skegness and to policing Britain’s longest road, the A1, the Lincolnshire Interceptors are the country’s hardest working cops.

Episode 1

The Operational Support Unit smash through a bedroom window in a daring drugs raid, a speeding driver is clocked at over 140mph, and PC Dodd is on a "steak-out" after a bovine break-out. Plus when amphetamines are found in a car friendships are pushed to the limit, car thieves try, and fail, to outpace the Interceptors and Jon Peacock gets help from a very unexpected source.

Episode 2

This week Mark Carlin is on a lucky streak when a car thief careers across his path, there's a high speed pursuit through Lincoln City Centre, and a member of the public helps the Interceptors track down a drunk driver. Plus Jon Peacock gets an unusual request and Jon Moon has an encounter with a surprising law breaker.

Episode 3

This week a raid turns up the goods when Interceptors find a stash of drugs, a weapon and a whole load of cash. Out on the streets of Lincoln it’s the middle of winter, so a half naked man covered in blood comes as a surprise to Jon Peacock ... but not half as much as what he’s been up to. Suspicious driving leads Jim Woolerton to find some super strength lager and drugs, and a speeding motorist tries the most middle class excuse ever after being clocked at 110mph.

Episode 4

This week Dan Brigginshaw’s dogged determination helps him to track down a driver who’s given him the slip in the side roads of Spalding. While Suzie Ranyard comes to the rescue of a motorist with a rather large passenger. Jim Woolerton utilises some of the Interceptors’ most high tech kit to catch out a disqualified driver and the Interceptors have their work cut out as they follow up on a report of a dead body spotted in the waterways of Lincolnshire.

Episode 5

This week, fears that a weapon-wielding brawler is roaming the Lincoln streets lead the dog unit on a desperate manhunt, and Craggy closes in on a shop thief with a bag-full of suspicious surprises. Plus, there’s hare-brained thrills and nasty spills as the team tackles a wannabe stunt rider and a boozed up biker raising hell on the A roads.

Episode 6

This week, drunk driving leads to a pursuit on the city streets and carnage on the country roads, and what seems like a simple speeding stop reveals a worrying surprise for a lone female copper. Plus, as devastating storms batter the UK, the Interceptors become Lincolnshire’s first line of defence, and the chopper team race against time to rescue a woman trapped by deadly river waters.

Episode 7

This week, a trail of broken glass and spilt booze leads Sergeant Jon Moon and police dog Kanto after a knife-wielding robber, and a bloody punch up in a club ends with one man in cuffs and another in hospital. Plus, Barry Peach plays catch-up as a teenage driver tears up the Skegness streets and Jon Peacock detects a whiff of weed in quiet country village.

Episode 8

This week, the specialist teams step in to deal with a rowdy reveller when things get out of hand on New Year’s Eve in Lincoln City Centre. While Suzie Ranyard’s eagle eye catches out a motorist who claims he’s been driving with a dodgy number plate for the past eighteen years. Jon Moon deals with a shoplifter who’s more than happy to admit to his crime and a young lad discovers that there’s no pulling the wool over the eyes of human lie detector Jon Peacock.

Episode 9

This week Brian Conville gives a father a dressing down for some dangerous driving on the school run, while Barry Peach’s detective skills come to the fore as he catches out a wanted man who’s been using a false identity. And the Interceptors find themselves pursuing stolen tractors as they clamp down on rural crime.

Episode 10

This week sees Jon Moon and his dog Kanto hot on the heels of burglary suspects. They think they’ve got away with it but Jon doesn’t give up that easily. Lincolnshire’s road death statistics are some of the worst in the UK. One father who lost his daughter in a crash is determined to make something good come out of a tragic situation. Rich Precious is acting out the Dad role in a play designed to shock young drivers into not taking unnecessary risks on the road.