PI 6

Police Interceptors Series 6 - Lincoln

Police Interceptors is back with all new episodes and a brand new force. For series six, we’re with the Interceptors of Lincolnshire, Britain’s second largest county. From patrolling the cathedral city of Lincoln, to policing Britain’s longest road, the A1, the Lincolnshire Interceptors are the countries hardest working cops.

Episode 1

The Operational Support Unit have their hands full when a raid reveals a crowbar-wielding suspect with a house full of drugs, a dangerous stun gun and an offensive mouth; the chopper’s scrambled to bring down a runaway burglar and when the interceptors make a stop on the A1, they find a lump of weed in a very unpleasant hidey hole. Plus a vanishing car leaves a sergeant lost for words, rogue traders get taught a lesson and a blazing inferno threatens to blow sky high.

Episode 2

PC Jon Peacock puts his body on the line as he tackles a drunken yob in a domestic dispute, a moonlighting pizza delivery driver is nicked after taking fast food to the extreme and Martin turns detective to catch out a drink driver who thinks she can get one over on the Interceptors. Plus a speeding driver causes chaos after crashing into a gas main, Doug gets to grips with a wanted burglar and the hunt is on for Lincoln’s answer to Harry Houdini; while one young man caught in possession of cannabis discovers there are worse fates than being collared by the police, as his irate Dad turns up at the scene while he’s being cautioned.
ep 3

Episode 3

Sergeant Carlin busts a gang of van thieves and uncovers a major cut-and shut shop in the process; a bizarre late night compost thief gets nicked on his way out of the shower and the hunt is on for a baseball-bat wielding trucker with dangerous road rage issues. Plus Brian cracks down on a barbaric blood-sport, Jon faces an unexploded bomb and pair of fuel thieves plough straight into the interceptor’s precious BMW; while strict vegetarian, Craggy, rides to the rescue of a lorry load of cute calves on the A46.
ep 4

Episode 4

The Interceptors lead the charge in a suspected drugs bust, the hunt is on for a driver who’s fled the scene of a horrific crash and Rich Precious and Sean Baxter are left for dust by a speeding biker. Plus Dan Brigginshaw is on duty at the annual Spalding flower show where he catches a pair of green fingered lads and offers some honest career advice to a Marshall with a chequered past; while Sean Brennan deals with a young man who thinks he can throw his weight around after a boozy night in the town centre.
ep 5

Episode 5

A van thief gives them the right run-around then takes a wrong turn into Disaster Street; Dan joins a major manhunt but finds dodgy diesel instead, and Jon wades into a late night assault involving a pair of TV legends. Plus Big Jim reports a boy racer...to his mum...and delivers a dressing down to a driver with a taste for rude gestures; while a pot smoking biker picks the wrong moment to mount the pavement.

Episode 6

Dog-handler Jon Peacock is forced to wrestle with a boozed-up bloke on Lincoln’s high street; Dan has an early morning meeting with a drink-driver; A wine loving shoplifter gets his just deserts and a dinky Daewoo driver not only digs himself a hole but jumps straight in too. Plus a Mark blue lights to a juggernaut in jeopardy on the A1 and the chopper is scrambled to bring down a runaway car thief.
PI ep 7

Episode 7

A violent man gives the Interceptors the run around after wrecking havoc in a hospital; The driver of a stolen VW beetle re-writes the highway code; a map reading Macedonian truck driver has a bad day; a fuel thief is red handed; A pair of Audi S3’s are put through their paces and the Operational Support Unit go back to school, to learn their A,B,C’s of riots – Aggro… Bricks… and Cocktails! Plus a hands- on boyfriend is told where to go and an old raver’s shady past flashes before his eyes.

Episode 8

Sergeant Baxter comes up trumps when a routine check on a car uncovers a case of suspected drug dealing. Things turn nasty when three men are arrested on suspicion of theft, while Dan is given the horn by an impatient driver and Ady deals with a runaway cow. Plus Jon Peacock’s on his toes as he switches horsepower for muscle power and brings in a pair of prisoners, a wanted petrol thief’s stealing spree comes to a grinding halt after a high speed pursuit and there’s an unlikely rescue as Jules and Jezz come to the aid of a dog abandoned in a ditch.

Episode 9

Rich Marriot and the Operational Support Unit side step the guard dog when they carry out a drugs raid on a suspected drugs farm, a young driver thinks he can pull one over on the Interceptors by impersonating his brother, Barry finds himself dealing with an irate night clubber and Craggy has an early morning encounter with a pole cat. Plus Jon becomes Lincolnshire’s answer to Sherlock Holmes as he unravels a case of multiple burglaries, the hunt is on for a crazed bodybuilder who’s desperate for a fight and it’s a case of déjà vu for Dan Brigginshaw, as he deals with a familiar face not once, but twice on the same shift.

Episode 10

Twenty coppers swoop to nick a criminal gang in their hotel beds. Jon and Maya get to work when they raid a Cannabis Farm and John Moon arrests a man with a hidden secret. Plus Craggy and Phil nick a serial bacon snatcher, three cars and a chopper take on a teenage van thief, Sergeant Carlin stops a driver with a gun behind his seat, while big Brian reduces a time-wasting driver to a blubbering wreck.