Police Interceptors Series 5 - Cumbria

This high-octane series provides unparalleled access to the officers and cars of Cumbria’s Roads Policing Units. The Interceptors have their hands full tackling urban crime across the county, as well as policing Britain’s longest motorway. They also do battle with the environment, as Cumbria is host to the nation’s harshest winters and most severe flooding. Combine all this with a healthy portion of high-speed pursuits and you have the recipe for the most explosive series yet.

Episode 1

Episode 1

On this week’s episode: cops rush to evacuate villagers in the middle of the night after a drunk driver has crashes into a gas main; an officer makes a U turn on the M6 while in pursuit of a stolen Range Rover; and a scrap metal thief with a string of dodgy excuses.

Episode 2

Coming up in this week’s explosive episode – a stick of dynamite causes chaos for Duggie when it’s brought into Carlisle’s main police station, whilst the armed response unit are called to the scene when there’s a report of a gun spotted in a city centre bar. Meanwhile, there’s a shock for Duncan when a cyclist who has been crushed and trapped under a car turns out to be someone he knows.

Episode 3

Coming up in this week’s episode, a dopey driver parks up on a roundabout, the armed response unit deal with a suspect gunman, and a city centre pedestrian is crushed under a car.

Episode 4

The Interceptors may be nifty behind the wheel, but they’re pretty useful on their feet too when a serial offender with previous as long as your arm gives Dougie and Mark the run around. There’s also a high-speed pursuit which comes to a painful finish, plus PC Dan Myerscough loses his patience with a sozzled silver-tongued boozer.

Episode 5

In this week’s episode, Angus & Sean have to smash down a door in a bid to save a man’s life, while veteran Interceptor Gordon Robson’s radar for wrong ’uns picks up a gruesome twosome on the M6 – and a fleeing Land Rover rams two cop cars in a bid to get away.

Episode 6

Coming up in this week’s episode, Glenn rushes to help a woman trapped inside a burning car, Hayley’s out on patrol for ‘Black Eye Friday’ – Cumbria’s booziest night of the year – whilst Ross & John are called in to help a victim that's been bound and gagged.

Episode 7

Coming up in this week's high-octane episode, Hayley and Ben can barely believe their eyes when they come face-to-face with a drunk driver in the fast lane of the M6. Meanwhile the Tactical Support Group have their hands full with festive fighting and dog handler Glenn is given a crash course in marine rescue when he answers an emergency distress call.

Episode 8

Coming up in this week’s episode, Duggie is left speechless when a routine stop uncovers a monster haul of cash, Duncan turns detective when a drunk driver attempts to pull the wool over his eyes and a van driver feels the wrath of the Cumbrian Police when he tries to ram an Interceptor off the M6!

Episode 9

Coming up in this week’s episode, Hayley rushes to help two badly injured bikers, Ross & John haul in a drink driver who's left a trail of destruction – and Duncan has to escort a 176 wheel monster truck through Workington!

Episode 10

Coming up in this week’s episode, an officer pushes the panic button when a house party turns into a full blown riot; Duggie’s suspicions are raised when he discovers a pint glass in a wiped-out hatchback and Barry is reaching for the doggy treats when his canine colleague sniffs out a bag full of suspicious white powder.