Police Interceptors Series 4 - Derby

Police Interceptors Series 4 - Derby

Police Interceptors is back with a new series and a new Police force. Based in Derbyshire, this expert team of pursuit specialists utilise all the latest crime fighting technology, with high performance motors, and a state of the art Helicopter. They are the jewel in Derbyshire’s crime fighting crown.

Episode 9

Episode 9

Coming up in this week’s episode, a gang of lorry thieves trigger a major manhunt, a young man is busted for heroin possession, a fraudster is taken into custody and a helicopter pursuit ends in an almighty accident. Add the Halloween shift from Hell, the arrest of a spitting mad burglar and a 142 mile per hour pursuit of a supercar and you’re in for quite a ride.

Episode 10

Coming up in this week’s episode, the net closes in on a suspected petrol thief, cops nab a driver with boot full of suspicious goods and the chopper tracks a runaway driver after he ditches his car and legs it to the local fair. On top of that officers take a dim view of some dangerous body work, a drunk driver collides with a doctors surgery, and there’s a patience testing stop on a car with no insurance.

Episode 11

There’s a hair raising pursuit through the market town of Ripley which sees a driver mounting pavements, hitting cars and even colliding with an ambulance. An Interceptor has a narrow escape when an out of control driver crashes into his car. A drunk driver goes for the world record in failed breathalyser tests and the helicopter is called in when a Land Rover driver decides to take a pursuit off-road.

Episode 12

Coming up in this week’s episode, The Eurocopter gets down and dirty in a marathon manhunt , a vanload of villains lose control in a high speed pursuit and a drink driver crushes his Corsa like it’s a tin can. Add to the rap sheet, A 133 mile per hour speed freak that thinks he can outrun the law, Aggro and abuse on Derbyshire’s mean streets and the interceptors facing off against an eight legged enemy

Episode 13

This week Kevin hunts down a horsebox full of illegal plants, a drunk driver crushes one of the team’s favourite cars, and a Land Rover takes the Interceptors on a white knuckle ride across country. Also in this week’s show, Nick and Dee give an insight in taser tactics, Nick gives a dopey driver a dressing down for his attitude to child safety and there's a VIP visitor in Chesterfield.

Episode 14

In this week’s episode, It’s a few day before Christmas, but Jason is short of festive cheer when a festive party becomes a full-blown riot; Adam & Nick uncover a mother, drunk at the wheel as she takes her daughter present shopping and Kev is seconds from disaster when he fearlessly prevents a car from becoming a fireball.

Episode 15

This week Scott and Adam discover a huge stash in the boot of a car and a runaway dealer just misses mowing down Gary. The crime fighting spree continues when Ady collars a car thief and the interceptors are called to a pub fight on New Year’s Eve. Throw in five cars pursuing a runaway on a busy motorway and you’re in for quite a ride.

Episode 16

This week Scott and Dave track a pair of mobile phone thieves with the help of GPS technology, Nick pushes his motor to the limit as he pursues a criminal gang, and Jason has to deal with a with his own personal traffic nightmare. Also in this week’s show Vicky spots a van overflowing with suspicious looking scrap and t’was the night before Christmas and all through the house.....was a BMW

Episode 17

This week Scott and Dave track a pair of mobile phone thieves with the help of GPS technology, Jason searches for a hit and run driver, an uninsured driver tries to wriggle out of a fine, there’s some seriously bad manners displayed in custody and Aidy deals with one of the nicest prisoners he’s ever had.

Episode 18

This week the team get more than they bargained for when they catch a gang of burglars who have made their getaway in a horse trailer, a driver mysteriously passes out at the wheel, there is a white knuckle pursuit through busy street in a city centre and a runaway driver is up rooted in a very unusual hiding place.